Secretary: Jamie Wilson

jamie wilsonJamie Wilson has been involved in athletics throughout his entire life. He has been involved as a participant, coach, parent, and spectator. Further, he has first-hand experience from the youth through professional levels. He has been involved in championships at the collegiate level and knows the pride everyone feels when coming together so “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. 

He was a General Manager for Landmark Aviation (Dulles), which is one of the largest business aviation facilities in the world. Jamie was responsible for the safety of personnel and success of a multi-million dollar location. His current role as a Program Manager for a federal contractor has allowed him to gain valuable experience that will serve him in the role of VYS Secretary. On his previous project he was responsible for over 150 personnel at 11 locations throughout the US supporting the Federal Aviation Administration requiring diligent, timely, and accurate record keeping. His current role involves leading a team supporting presidential cabinet-level meetings, senior executive board meetings and various other high level government events. Jamie has over 15 years of experience leading teams and building consensus in achieving company and programmatic goals.

He has many years of experience on boards as well. Jamie has served as the President of his neighborhood’s HOA since 2005. Additionally, he served his three year term as a member of the Vale United Methodist Church Staff Parish Relations Committee as well as Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

Personal Statement:

As a parent of children who have participated in both the House and Travel levels within VYS, I feel very strongly that it is my opportunity and responsibility to give back. VYS has been fantastic for my daughters and has helped them grow as people. They have developed life-long friendships and their smiles coming off the practice or game fields speak volumes. They have learned from great coaches and role models at all levels. 

I appreciate all the volunteerism within VYS. This has created a great sense of community from which we all benefit. It has been apparent within the last year that there is a great deal of passion within VYS and I know we can harness it all to move in the same positive direction. This program has made great strides in the last several years and with a concerted, focused effort the possibilities for VYS are unlimited. We have the right technical direction, we have a passionate and committed coaching staff, and we have a solid group of people stepping up to volunteer, with the next step of bringing it all together.

In the end, I leave you with one thought. It is not about us as parents, it is about our kids. They are happy, they are successful, and they have fun. It is my hope that I can help to make VYS a special place for them to grow up.

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