Lost and Found

three size 4 soccer ballsPosted: 11/20/15: Found at Oak Marr - 8PM - Wed. November 18th. 3 size 4 soccer balls.



Posted: 11/18/15: FOUND: Jacket found after VYS All-Star Practice at Oakton HS #3 around 9 PM last night (Nov. 17). The name LYONS is written inside the jacket. If yours, please contact Aaron Gerritz at agerritz@verizon.net.


Posted: 11/10/15: FOUND: Sunday night (11/7/15) after scrimmages, someone left a turquoise Mountain Hard Wear winter coat at OakMarr.  There were flowers on one side of the front of the coat. If yours, please contact Larry Tarr at tarrsoccer@hotmail.com.

Posted: 11/9/15: FOUND: The following items that were left at Oakton High last weekend: Adidas yellow soccer ball size 5 - It says Finn Wolf on it, Nike Nederland Blue ball, Blue Igloo Water Bottle, Blue underarmour jersey size Large.  If yours, please contact Bhanu at bhanujfrueh@aol.com.

found itemsPosted: 11/1/15: FOUND: The following items were found at Flint Hill ES on Oct 31.  If yours, contact Jordan Eichelbaum at jeichelbaum@hotmail.com.

Posted: 11/1/15: LOST: Black sweatshirt with "Live,Love,Soccer"on the front in purple pink large print.  Last seen at 10am game at Jones Branch field. If found please contact Molly Smith at viennasoccermom@gmail.com.

Posted: 10/19/15: FOUND: Red, travel jersey #36 at Oakton HS on Sunday Oct 18.  Please contact bhanujfrueh@aol.com to claim.

Posted: 10/13/15: FOUND: VYS black hoodie (#25) found at Colvin Run on 10/7/15.  To claim, contact Carol vys black hoodie 25Myers at carolmyers3@gmail.com.

Posted: 10/6/15: FOUND: On 10/3/2015 after 6pm game (U10) at Jones Park. Black and gray backpack with STX in white letters. If it is yours please email anne_bill_murphy@verizon.net

Posted: 10/6/15: FOUND: A set of keys at Luther Jackson MS on Monday Oct 5 around 6:30pm.  The key ring contains 2 keys and a bottle opener in the shape of a rifle.

Posted: 9/28/15: LOST: black zip up jacket with the name Wagner on back written in cursive. On front it has her number 6 along with Hannah's name and "SUPREMES" written in white and pink.  If found, please contact mmwagnerfam@gmail.com.

Posted: 9/21/15: LOST:  A white and green size 4 Adidas soccer ball with the name "Kariampuzha" written on it. Ball lost on 9/19/2015 at Colvin Run Elementary School, Field #1, Molter vs Ruiz (10:30 game). Please contact Irene.Kariampuzha@gmail.com if found.

size 3 soccer ballsPosted: 9/21/15: FOUND: Three size 3 soccer balls at Oakton ES after the Spring U6G Soccer Tournament.  One soccer ball has last name Ramos written on it.

Posted: 9/11/15: LOST: Nike Orange and White Size 5 Soccer ball at Oak Marr Rec Center.  If found, please contact Ben at jmtown2000@gmail.com.

Posted: 6/17/15: FOUND: Watch on June 13 at Colvin Run ES.

Posted: 6/1/15: LOST: a Jabulani world cup soccer ball at his game on Sunday, 5/31 at Oakton High School on Field 3R. It was a size 4. It had "Brown" or "Scott Brown" written on it at some point but it may have worn off. The game was at 12:00 versus LMVS Patriots Blue and ended at 1:00.

Posted: 5/27/15: LOST: Camelbak thermos at the 2:45-3:45 game on Saturday, May 23rd (teams Blue Lightening v. Blue Crush) at Colvin Run Field. It has dragons on it and may have name (Zack).   If found please contact melkeppel@hotmail.com.

Posted: 5/21/15: FOUND - These items were left behind at the Mar 25 event with the Washington Spirit (travel jacket, grey sweatshirt, blue jacket, pink lunch bag)

Posted: 5/21/15: Found - Pink soccer ball found at Colvin Run field.


Posted: 5/7/15: Lost - white soccer ball on April 25 at Kilmer MS.

Posted: 5/3/15: Lost - Goal keeper gloves. Blue and white aidas. Brand new. Last seen at goal keeper training Friday night Luther Jackson.

Posted: 4/30/15: Lost - gold Adidas ball Tuesday night at Oakton HS during the adult pick-up game.

Posted: 4/25/15: Lost - A black Timex watch "iron man" series was lost at the Freedom Hill field on Saturday morning  25 May around 9am.  If found please email. brigette@learmonthfamily.com

Posted: 4/22/15: Lost - Nike soccer ball #3. Lost at Colvin Run ES on Saturday, April 18.  Name on ball is Elliot.

Posted: 4/17/15  Lost a pair of black Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses, Saturday 11 Apr  at Luther Jackson.

Posted: 4/16/15  A VYS player lost her new silver soccer ball at her first game of the season.  She is on a U14 VYS Girls team. The team played at Madison High School on Saturday, April 11th at 6 pm.  The teams playing were McKee vs. Faulker.  The name "Haywood" is written on the ball.

If found or know the wherabouts, please contact webmaster@vys.org.

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