Welcome to another season of soccer! And a sincere Thank You! to all of our referees for your continued support of VYS.

NEW AND RETURNING REFEREES - Interested in reffing VYS house/recreational club league games and/or VYS home ODSL travel league games assigned by the VYS Referee Assignor?  Then check out the GUIDELINES section for all the information you need to get started in the process of becoming a VYS referee.

See NCSL Referee Information if you want to work NCSL and WAGSL travel league games assigned by others.

The responsibilities of a referee must be taken seriously. Remember that you are the symbol of integrity, the ultimate authority at every game ensuring fair and safe play. Many people including players, coaches, spectators, other referees, and league officials are depending on you to show up on time to your game assignments, prepared to perform your game official duties to the very best of your ability.

Questions? Please contact the VYS Referee Assigner.

U5 - U8 Game Schedules
Fall 2016

More schedules are forthcoming.

U8 Boys







Referee Signup Round 1
Spring 2016


Round 1 of Referee Signup will begin March 28.  Referees may choose 6 games they would like to referee.  Selections must be made by March 30 at 9:00pm.  At that time games will begin to be assigned.  Please review the Referee Guidelines so you understand how Referee Signup works.  Some important things to remember:

  1. Games are not assigned on a first request basis so it doesn’t matter if you make requests on March 27 at midnight or on March 30 at 2:00 pm.
  2. Games will only be assigned to referees that are qualified and experienced enough to handle the game being requested.  ALL NEW REFEREES (regardless of age) must start centering at U9 and U10 levels.  Priority for U9 and U10 games will be given to new referees.  Referees with several years of experience should start requesting older divisions if they want to center.
  3. Age Restrictions – a center should be at least two years older than the division they are requesting to center.  For example, a U12 center should be at least 14 years old.  This rule does not apply to assistant referees, however, for U16 and U19 game, the ARs should be 15 or older.
  4. Request two consecutive games. Please don’t leave holes in the schedule. This means if there are six consecutive U10G games, referees should either request games 1 & 2 or games 3 & 4 or games 5 & 6. A referee requesting games 2 & 3, for example, will likely not get the assignment.  Referees that only want to work one game should either find divisions with an odd number of games or wait until later in the process to fill in the holes in the schedule.
  5. Referees that request more than six games will have all of their assignments deleted.   

Understand that more than one referee may request the same game so requests are not guaranteed to work.  It is our goal to get every referee who would like the opportunity to work at least 10 games a season. Part of this depends on your availability. If you only have a two hour slot each weekend to work, then it will be very challenging to get games. The more flexible your schedule is, the more games you will be able to receive.

After reading the Referee Guidelines, please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Dianne Gurdak

VYS Referee Assigner

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