Welcome to another season of soccer! And a sincere Thank You! to all of our referees for your continued support of VYS.

NEW AND RETURNING REFEREES - Interested in reffing VYS house/recreational club league games and/or VYS home ODSL travel league games assigned by the VYS Referee Assignor?  Then check out the GUIDELINES section for all the information you need to get started in the process of becoming a VYS referee.

See NCSL Referee Information if you want to work NCSL and WAGSL travel league games assigned by others.

The responsibilities of a referee must be taken seriously. Remember that you are the symbol of integrity, the ultimate authority at every game ensuring fair and safe play. Many people including players, coaches, spectators, other referees, and league officials are depending on you to show up on time to your game assignments, prepared to perform your game official duties to the very best of your ability.

Questions? Please contact the VYS Referee Assignor.

Referee Signup Round 1
Fall 2015


The first round of Referee Signup will begin September 7 and conclude September 10 at 11:00 pm.  Referees will be allowed to request 6 games.  Please review the Referee Guidelines  so you understand how Referee Signup works.  House League begins September 19-20.  ODSL and high school boys & girls leagues will begin the weekend before.  Seasoned referees will be allowed to request ODSL & High School games for the weekend of  September 12/13 in addition to the 6 games they can request during Round One.  After reading the Referee Guidelines, please contact Dianne Gurdak if you still have questions.

Please review the referee guidelines before making requests:

  1. You may each make 6 requests in Round 1. 
  2. It is my preference that you request to work two games in a row.  Assigning preference will be given to those that comply.  If you only want to work one game, I suggest you either request the first or last game of a division with an uneven number of games or wait until a later round to make requests.
  3. Please do not breakup schedules leaving one stray game.  For example, if there are 8 games in a division do not request games 2 & 3 leaving game 1 with no coverage.  Request games 1 & 2 or 3 &4, etc.
  4. Make sure you are qualified to work the games you are requesting.  Specifically, new referees should plan on centering U9 or U10 games if they want to center.  New referees should not request to AR U16 or U19 games.  You should be at least 14 to AR a U16 or above game.  New referees should not request travel games.
  5. You may not work more than two games in a row unless you have specifically asked my permission.


After you have read the Referee Guidelines, I will be happy to answer any remaining questions.


Thank you.

Dianne Gurdak

Referee Assignor

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