A referee wanting to work games assigned by the VYS Referee Assignor must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  1. Age 12 (7th grade) or older.  (There is no age restriction for Assistant Referees. This is to encourage young referees to gain experience at all levels of play as Assistant Referees.)

  2. Complete a Grade 8 (much preferred) or Grade 9 USSF referee certification course

    To locate referee training and certification clinics in our area (North), see the Clinic Listing on the Metro DC-Virginia State Referee Program website. Request area North to list upcoming clinics in our area. Follow the clinic instructions noted to enroll for New Referee training or advanced training.

  3. Purchase an official referee uniform.

    • Yellow and black striped shirt (either long or short sleeved)
    • Black shorts
    • Black socks with three white stripes
    • Preferably black cleats, however, do not buy new cleats if yours aren’t black
    • A whistle
    • Flags
    • Yellow & Red Cards
    • A watch with a timer (digital preferably);

  4. Register your profile by e-mail with the VYS Referee Assignor (more details can be found at Referee Registration).

  5. New referees to VYS must attend a mandatory mentoring session.  Dates are determined each season based on the earliest games and will be sent out by the referee assignor as soon as they are decided upon.  You must attend in full uniform and stay for the full session. Attendance will be taken.  

  6. Mail a completed IRS Form W-9 to:

    Vienna Youth Soccer
    PO BOX 993
    Vienna, VA 22180. 

    You only need to do this one time, but you will not be paid unless we have this form on file.

  7. Participate in online referee registration through MySoccerLeague.com.  Information regarding dates and rules will be emailed by the referee assignor toward the beginning of each season.


The referees required for a VYS house/recreational club league game are as follows:

  • U12 and over -  (1) Center Referee and (2) Assistant Referees.

  • U9-U11 -  (1) Center Referee only.

  • U5-U8 -  No referees.

The referees required for an ODSL travel league game are as follows:

  • U11 and over -  (1) Center Referee and (2) Assistant Referees.

  • U9 - U10 -  (1) Center Referee only (experienced and preferably age 16 or older)

  • Referees must have at least one season of experience (approximately 10 games) before requesting any travel games regardless of age. You may email the referee assignor to request an exception.

  • A Center Referee must be at least two years older than the division age group of play. For example, the Center Referee for a U11 game must be age 13 or older. Also, a newly certified (inexperienced) referee may only be a Center Referee for U10 and under house/recreational club league games (no travel league games). New referees may NOT request to work any travel games without express permission from the referee assignor. Contact the VYS Referee Assignor to request an exception to this age restriction for a particular game.

  • There is no age restriction for Assistant Referees. This is to encourage young referees to gain experience at all levels of play as Assistant Referees. However, inexperienced referees should not request to work U16 or U19 games as ARs. This is to protect our young referees from players, parents/fans, and coaches of U16/U19 games which tend to be overly enthusiastic about the game.

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