VYS Volunteering and the Non-Volunteer Fee

volunteersVolunteers make up the backbone of our club. Thank you for offering your time and service to be a volunteer!

 Below is a list of volunteer positions. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the VYS Administrator.

Those who choose not to volunteer during the season will be assessed a one-time charge per family of $35 for that season.


Commissioner: The Commissioner is in charge of a division (e.g., U10 Boys). Some of the duties include: Recruiting coaches, forming teams, making up the game schedules, selecting field prep coordinator and referee coordinator for the division, deciding if games are postponed due to inclement weather. Training is available for this position.

Coach: The Coach conducts team practices to instruct players in soccer fundamentals and team play, supervises team’s participation in soccer games, and performs other related duties during the season. If you would like to coach but need soccer and/or coaching training, several courses are offered in the area. You do not need to be experienced to try coaching.

Assistant Coach: The Assistant Coach assists the coach in his or her duties, and is the backup soccer coach for the team. Most teams have one coach and at least one assistant coach who can help with drills and practices, help plan and coach at games, etc. All VYS practices are expected to have two adults in attendance.

Team Parent: The Team Parent is the liaison between the team coach and the team. Some of the tasks included in this volunteer position are: Organize and distribute copy of the phone tree for communication within the team, type up and distribute the team roster, organize and distribute the snack schedule for the season, arrange to get team T-shirts numbered, and arrange for team trophies or appropriate award for the team. The team parent may accomplish all these tasks, or they may assign tasks to different parents on the team.

Age Group Equipment Coordinator: The Age Group Equipment Coordinator keeps an inventory of the equipment (balls, pinnies, cones, first aid kits) that coaches in the division have; assist commissioner and coaches in ensuring that all coaches have the equipment they need.

Walk-in Registration Assistance: Walk-in registration is held twice per season, January and February for the spring and June for the fall. Volunteers work a three-hour shift at one of the registrations to help advise those registering, double-check registration forms, collect fees, and sort and file forms.

Uniforms: Assist the Uniform Coordinator, who organizes and distributes VYS uniform kits and tee-shirts each season.

Field Setup: Assist with setting up goals, lining fields and ensuring field is ready for play.

Field Improvements: Involves cleaning equipment sheds and checking fields to ensure safety.

Recycling Assistance: To help keep our environment clean and promote green initiatives, volunteers will help to take recycled items to appropriate recycling centers.

Community Service Assistance: Help out the VYS Community Service Rep with various community-service related tasks.

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