VYS Travel Teams
Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
U9 - U14 Travel Team Academies and U15 - U19 Travel Teams
Boys Girls
Under 9 Under 9

Warriors Red NCSL Div C

Warriors Black NCSL Div C

Warriors White NCSL Div C

Warriors Silver ODSL Div A

Warriors Gold ODSL Div A

Magic Red WAGS Div K

Magic Black WAGS Div K

Magic White WAGS Div G

Magic Silver ODSL Div C

Under 10 Under 10

United Red NCSL Div C

United Black NCSL Div C

United White NCSL Div C

United Silver ODSL Div B4

United Gold ODSL Div B4 

Spirit Red WAGS Div D

Spirit Black WAGS Div D

Spirit White WAGS Div H

Spirit Silver ODSL Div G1

Spirit Gold ODSL Div G3

Under 11 Under 11

Vipers Red NCSL Div T

Vipers Black NCSL Div L

Vipers White NCSL Div Y

Vipers Silver ODSL Div B1

Fire Red WAGS Div G

Fire Black WAGS Div G

Fire White WAGS Div G

Fire Silver ODSL G1

Under 12 Under 12
Spartans Red NCSL Div 3 Fury Red WAGS Div 3
Spartans Black NCSL Div 6 Fury Black WAGS Div 5A
Spartans White ODSL Div B1 Fury White WAGS Div 5G
Spartans Silver ODSL Div B2 Fury Silver ODSL Div G2
Under 13 Under 13
Lightning Red NCSL Div 4 Pride Red WAGS Div 1
Lightning Black NCSL Div 6 Pride Black WAGS Div 3
Lightning Silver  Pride White ODSL Div G2
Lightning White NCSL Div 8  
Under 14 Under 14
Raptors Red NCSL Div 3 Freedom Red WAGS Div 2
Raptors Black NCSL Div 4 Freedom Black WAGS Div 4
Raptors White ODSL Div B1 Freedom White ODSL Div G1
Under 15 Under 15
FC Elite Red NCSL Div 1 Patriots Black WAGS Div 1
FC Elite Black NCSL Div 5 Patriots Red  WAGS Div 2
FC Elite White ODSL Div B2 Patriots White WAGS Div 5 Green
  Patriots Silver ODSL Div G2
Under 16 Under 16
Eagles Black - NCSL Division 1 Thunder Black - WAGS High School Premier 1
Eagles Red - NCSL Division 3 Thunder Gold - WAGS High School Elite 1
Eagles White - NCSL Division 4 Thunder Red - WAGS High School Division 2
  Thunder White - ODSL Division G1
Under 17 Under 17
United Black - NCSL Division 2 Strikers Red - not participating in 2015 spring season
United White - NCSL Division 5  
Under 19 Under 19
Premier White - NCSL Division 1 Fusion Red - WAGS High School Div 3
  Storm - WAGS High School Div 4
  Falcons - ODSL Division G1


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