Travel Team Uniforms
Updated: Fall 2015

red vienna is the official travel team uniform distributor for Vienna Youth Soccer. 

VYS Adidas Contract

VYS has a contract with Adidas meaning all VYS players and teams have to wear Adidas Uniforms. Our previous line has been discontinued. We have selected a similar line for cost effectiveness as it is of a reasonable price and has a shelf life of more than one season. This includes a Red (Home) Uniform and White (Away) Uniform. We will be aiming to build on our relationship with our Adidas representative to strive for further benefits from this contract.

Practice Jerseys

For safety and child protection we are asking all Travel players to attend practice in a Grey practice jersey with black shorts and black socks. All VYS travel players are required to buy one practice jersey for this reason. If families wish to purchase an additional practice jersey that is optional.


The jerseys selected on the VYS page of are male jerseys. All VYS teams must purchase this selected jersey. Assisting for sizing can be found on

Required Uniform Kit

We have allocated existing numbers and where needed assigned numbers for new players.

All uniform kits will be purchased through their online gateway.  NOTE: It takes several weeks to receive customized items such as jerseys and backpacks, so please ORDER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.  Customized item = any item that displays a specific name or number on it.

The required uniform kit for both boys and girls travel players is the following:

  • Red (Home) jersey (customized item)
  • White (Away) jersey (customized item)
  • Black shorts
  • Black socks
  • Red socks
  • 1 Grey Practice Jersey

Additional Spiritwear

Your team may choose to purchase additional items such as backpacks and jackets.  These items along with others can be found on the Vienna Youth Soccer page of  These items can all be customized with specific names and numbers.  It will take additional time to receive customized items.

How to Order

1)  CLICK HERE TO BEGIN ORDERING.  (Access to the exclusive Vienna Youth Soccer page is only accessible through this link.)

2) At the top of the screen under the Vienna header click on: 2015 Boys Kit or 2015 Girls Kit 

3) Select the required pieces 

  • 1 Home jersey Red
  • 1 Away jersey White
  • 1 pair of Black shorts 
  • 1 pair of Black socks
  • 1 pair of Red socks
  • 1 Practice jersey 

Note: If you do not see the practice jersey, check back because is currently updating their website to add it to the required list.
4) Select any optional pieces you wish to add such as:

  • Track jacket
  • Pants
  • Bag

5) Checkout the home page for a reduced rate in shipping.
The current code is: 1SUMMER499 
In the email from it may have read that you have 48 hours to purchase your jerseys.  This is not the case.  However, to avoid disappointment please order as soon as possible and follow website instructions for guidance.  If you have specific questions about the uniforms such as sizing, wearability, delivery, etc., please contact customer service.

6) Payment and Checkout

Check Order Status

You may check the status of your order by entering your order # and zip code in the following link:

Support and FAQs

Questions about how to order?  Sizing?  Shipping?   CLICK HERE TO VIEW FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Call Customer Service for all your questions.

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