VYS Falcons

falcons team picture

Coach: Iavan Stevanovich 
Manager: Karen Ganley  KarenGanley@yahoo.com

Our Philosophy

The Falcons offer a special travel team experience, allowing talented younger players to participate in high level soccer with more experienced players.    The Falcons foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of each player in a multi-age setting. Our goal is to provide a positive experience for our varying age group. The older players model a high level of sportsmanship, skill and leadership for the incoming underclassmen. Through the experience of being mentored the lessons are passed on providing a continuous circle of growth and development in a peer-to-peer setting. Each year the Falcons invite some younger players to join the team in order to provide a mixture of high school ages and years of experience. The Falcons are particularly appropriate for girls who have played principally in a House program, who now want to achieve a higher level of proficiency as they enter high school.

About Us
The Falcons play in the oldest Girls Division of ODSL. The Falcons currently have players who attend high school at all four grade levels. The team is dedicated to individual player development as well as team development and team stability from year to year. Our goal is to provide a competitive travel soccer experience without losing sight of the main reason kids play soccer, to have fun!

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