VYS FC Elite White
Players born on or after August 1, 1999.

Assistant Coach:  John Lee,  lee.confirmation@gmail.com

Team Manager:  Anne-Stuart Kirkhorn, kirkhorn@cox.net

Mission Statement and Expectations

Mission Statement

Give every team member the opportunity to develop his soccer skills to the highest level of the individual’s ability. Help foster and further the players passion for the game of soccer. The team is committed to focus on player and team development to prepare each player to become a better all-around soccer player. The team will pursue a possession-based style of play, which emphasizes the development of individual technical skills, team tactical strength, and good sportsmanship while keeping the integrity of the beautiful game. The team will encourage respect for oneself, fellow teammates, opponents and officials at all times.
Expected Commitment Level
The VYS 99 Elite is playing in the NCSL, which is one of the premier soccer leagues in the country. This level of play requires a major commitment from coaches, players, and parents.
·         There will be two practices per week during the NCSL season (currently held on Mondays
  and Wednesdays 4:30pm-6:00pm.)
·         There will be winter/summer training sessions including winter league play.
·         The team will participate in 3-4 tournaments per year (1-2 seasonal.)
·         The team will participate in a Summer Pre-Season mini-camp in August

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