Vice President of Fields: Andy McIntyre


Andy McIntyre has been actively involved with VYS since moving to Vienna from London, UK in 2013. Starting out by coaching his son’s house team at U6, Andy has eight seasons of experience coaching in the younger house leagues, and ‘doubles up’ by coaching his daughter’s U6 Girls house team. Andy has also coached U8 Boys All Star teams, has assisted with the Crossover program and is a regular player in the VYS parent league.

Andy has over a decade of professional experience in marketing, communications and ecommerce, and works as Director of Marketing and Communications for a national NGO based in DC - a role that provides strategic oversight of the organization’s communications to its members and customers. While residing in London, Andy served as a volunteer board director for a national membership organization in the tourism sector. This previous experience as a volunteer board member and his career in communications equip Andy to support both the membership and staff as the club progresses.

Personal Statement

Coaching within VYS has been a hobby and a passion. It has been hugely rewarding experience and a privilege to see the kids grow, both as players and people.  As a coach in the younger age groups, I’ve experienced first hand some of the challenges field allocations present. While understanding that prioritization of field resources is necessary, I want to ensure that the club is innovative with its field resources, and when compromises are required, ensure the membership are informed of and understand our limitations. As VP of Fields I will have four objectives: 1) Continue the ongoing work to secure better fields for the club within Vienna and the surrounding areas. 2) Assess the clubs current field usage strategy, to ensure fair, sustainable and appropriate field allocation, and identify opportunities for improvement. 3) Review our field maintenance arrangements and plans. 4) Improve communication and transparency for the membership regarding our field allocation strategy. As a board member, I’m also keen to explore the relationship and transition between house and travel, and how the club can leverage the expertise of its technical staff to support its volunteers. I also hope to help address the ongoing conversation of ‘what it means to be a community club’ and assist the club in improving communication with the membership.

Since relocating with my family to Vienna in 2013, my involvement with VYS has been instrumental in helping me build relationships in the community. I’m extremely grateful to VYS for helping me establish Vienna as ‘home’, and want to do what I can to help the club move forward.

Contact Us

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Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience.