VP Travel: Pat McCloskey

pat mccloskeyProfessionally serving as the Director of Training and Conditioning with One To One Fitness Centers in Northern Virginia and DC since 1988, Pat has coached and trained youth soccer for over 15 years for VYS, Arlington Travel, O'Connell, Marshall and Oakton High Schools.

He played 4 years on the varsity soccer squad at West Virginia University where he completed his MS in Exercise Physiology. As a faculty member with the Gray Institute for Functional Training, he teaches corrective exercise and athletic performance to therapists, trainers and coaches around the country. He has served on the staff of the US Women's U20 National Team, and been a consultant with both UCLA men's and women's soccer programs as well as the Washington Wizards.

A Vienna native and VYS alumnus of 20 seasons playing and coaching, he currently holds an E certificate with USSF, certification with the International Youth Conditioning Association and has come to realize that a coach's biggest responsibility is to help players get and stay excited about playing the game.

Personal statement:

To me, the Vice President of Travel serves at the pleasure of the VYS families and their Board of Directors to provide supervision, counsel, and alternative points of view to the Technical Director, the Professional Training Staff and the parent coaches involved in the Travel Program. 

The mission is to provide Vienna players with great training and great soccer experiences that optimize their talent while bringing them joy and education along that journey and…while staying in Vienna...while staying in VYS. The VP of Travel can facilitate that by ensuring that the quality of training expertise, conditioning programs, and instructional rapport provided to the VYS player is in synch with the appropriately evolving expectations of the both the VYS players and the Board.

I’ve seen firsthand for almost three years that Coach Lima has effectively established a tremendous Travel Academy platform from which to accomplish these visions, but it requires shouldering and bolstering him with a VP candidate with both an extensive soccer background, a willingness to effectively manage and communicate, and a true love of this club; I believe I bring those components to the job in a way that could serve the kids in our Travel Program very, very well. I hope you’ll consider allowing me the chance to back that up with actions to help sustain and improve the program.

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Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience.