Congratulations to U16 boys - All Star Champs!

Yes !!!
We did it !!!

Before we start the first game I tell the players "we are the best players of Vienna, now, we have to show them, we're the best of this tournament"

Step by step, we jump every obstacle.
I would like to talk about every one but I could be unfair. Everyone fight and do their best to reach this trophie.  

Thank you guys, you make me happy. I'll keep this moments in my memories for ever.

Thank you to all the parents for your support and patience.
Special thank Ms Zimmerman, the team manager.

-- Coach Viamont


I'm very proud of my kids, they follow all the directions I gave them plus with their skills and effort , won this hard-fought tournament.

This is a little story about our short, hard-fought games.

Field : South Run Park ( 7550 Reservation Dr. Springfield Va )

Games : Saturday  11/21/2015


10:30      Chantilly Youth Association           0                   vs                     Vienna Youth Soccer              2

12:00       Vienna Youth Soccer                       1                   vs                      Braddoc Road Youth Club     0

1:30         Vienna Youth Soccer                       0                    vs                     SOTH 2                                      0

2:30          Annandale ( E. Perez )                    0                   vs                      Vienna Youth Soccer              5

In the qualifiers standings we finished in 1st place
We score 8 goals vs 0

Final games : Sunday  11/22/23015

3:30       Springfield Youth Club                    1                   vs                          Vienna Youth Soccer            2

6:00        Prince Williams                               1                     vs                        Vienna Youth Soccer            4

We finish this tournament with the best score individual player,  Bryan Aleman (Isco) -  8 goals

My two goal keepers Sean Tieff and William Hernandez received 1 goal each  

My team:
Colin Devany                       Brayan Aleman                      Ibrahim Alani
Erik Viamont                        Juan Posadas                         Daniel Blackburn
Noah Zimmerman               Aaron Palmer                        Mario Zaky
William Hernandez             Christian Touber                    Kainoa Asse
Sean Tieff                              Giovanni Ramirez                  Carson Torok
Bryan Hayum                        Jesus Suarez

Coach : Sergio Viamont
Assistant Coach : Rolando Ramirez

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