Congratulations to U19G Team Sweeney!

U19G House Team Sweeney wins HSGHSL U19G flight championship!

Team Sweeney was the flight champion in the HSGHSL U19G playoffs!

U19G Team Sweeney is coached by: John Sweeney, Mike Neininger, Peter Jacobs, and Daniel Guzman.  

Team Sweeney beat SYC-Salinas in the first game 4-0.
Team Sweeney beat BRYC-McHale in the flight championship game 2-1.

"There were so many great moments and exhibitions of soccer talent, that I can't list all of them.  Two of the top highlights were A. Guzman's hat trick in the first game and T. Toscano's race back to the goal to prevent a goal in the Championship game.  We are fortunate to have a great coaching staff, and a very committed and cohesive group of girls." - Coach John Sweeney

Our team roster is: A. Guzman (captain) - scored 3 goals, E. Jarrell (captain), G. Mudge - scored 1 goal, L. Biggs - scored 1 goal, H. Blane - scored 1 goal, T. Toscano, A. Toscano, K. Laver, C. Reilly, K. Lee, E. Seymour, A. McShane, D. Cameron, N. Jacobs, I. May, M. Jones, S. Khakurel, 
K. Ferguson, and T. Leiva.

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