Reporting and Communications

COVID-19 Reporting and Communications Policy (August 21, 2020)

Updated: August 21, 2020 

This policy was created to ensure our players can continue to play and train in a safe environment and to allow our families to make informed decisions while also protecting the privacy of every individual. Our policies are based on the latest information from the CDC, our state and local governments and health authorities, and our soccer governing bodies and may be modified as additional information becomes available.

Reporting Protocols

A coach or player must report any and all of the following to the Club within 48 hours of identification:

Known Exposure: 
Known Exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Per CDC guidelines, Exposure is defined as being within six feet of a person confirmed with COVID-19 for a duration of 15 minutes or longer. If Known Exposure becomes a Suspected or Confirmed Case, this must also be reported using the form.

*Click here to report Known Exposure


Suspected Case of COVID-19: 
A Suspected Case is anyone who has a Known Exposure as defined above AND symptoms consistent with COVID-19.   

*Click here to report Suspected Case of COVID-19


Confirmed Case of COVID-19: 
A confirmed case is anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or been diagnosed as positive by a health professional.

*Click here to report Confirmed Case of COVID-19


*Upon receiving a record in the reporting form, VYS will communicate necessary information with the club and support a return to play at the appropriate time in accordance with the VYS Covid-19 Reporting and Communications Policy    


Communication Protocols

The Club will report those that came in contact with the individual based on the following protocols:

Known Exposure:
If a player or coach has a Known Exposure, the Club will work with the player or coach to ensure all the Return to Play protocols have been met. The individual cannot return until the guidelines below have been met. If a coach is affected, every effort will be made by the Club to ensure the team can continue to train and compete.

Suspected/Confirmed Case of COVID-19:
All the players and coaches who have practiced or played with the individual within the last two weeks will be informed. This will include any players or coaches that train on the same field at the same time with the individual even if there is limited to no interaction. Due to the ADA and Privacy laws, the team will be identified but the individual will not be revealed. The individual cannot return until the guidelines below have been met. If a coach is affected, every effort will be made by the Club to ensure the team can continue to train and compete.


Return to Play Protocols

The player or coach can resume in-person training and games based on the following protocols:

Known Exposure:
After 14 days of self-isolation, the individual may return if no symptoms of COVID-19 are present. If Known Exposure has become a Suspected/Confirmed Case, the reporting form must be updated and protocol below must also be followed.


Suspected/Confirmed Case of COVID-19:
An individual may return after 10 days have passed since exposure (if suspected) or 10 days since the onset of symptoms or positive test result (if confirmed).  Prior to returning to play, ALL of the following conditions must be been met:

- The individual must be at least 72 hours symptom-free without the assistance of fever-reducing medications, and

- The individual must provide approved documentation based on current recommendations from the Fairfax County Health Department.  This may include a negative test result, clearance from a doctor, or clearance from the Fairfax County Health Department.


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