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epdl logoWith the 2014 Fall season, Vienna Youth Soccer, along with other youth soccer clubs, has entered teams in the newly-formed Elite Player Development Limited (EPDL).  A newly-formed travel league, designed to enhance player development through a club-centric approach.

What is the EPDL?

The EPDL was developed by WAGS as a means to enhance player development and growth through more flexibility and less rules and regulations. The EPDL is a compilation of 7 local clubs that have agreed to be the founding clubs of the league and determine, jointly, how the league games, game times and locations are determined. Furthermore, the EPDL allows the technical staff of the clubs to create competition for the players that best suits their abilities through discussion and player movement.

Which teams are participating in the EPDL?

VYS has registered two teams in the EPDL for both boys and girls in the U9s and U10s. For U11s, there are two teams, for the girls only. Each team can roster up to 26 players. As a result, the technical staff has decided to register all players on Red, Black, White and Silver in the EPDL. The purpose of this is to potentially allow the technical staff more flexibility to move players between teams. The movement of players from White and Silver is not expected to be frequent; however, having that option can improve the player development and experience for VYS players.

What Clubs are participating in the EPDL?

The following clubs are participating in the EPDL: Lee Mount Vernon Soccer Club, Chantilly Soccer Club, Virginia Soccer Association, Calverton Soccer, Severna Park Soccer, Fairfax Policy Youth Soccer and Vienna Youth Soccer. These clubs are the founding members and will have the ability to determine the future path of the EPDL with respect to addition of other clubs and future rules.

What are some of the benefits of the EPDL?

The benefits of the EPDL are directly linked to player development and growth. The EPDL is working with US Club Soccer which allows more flexibility with player movement and scheduling. The US Club Soccer approach reduces rules, regulations and red tape that the club has experienced with other governing bodies The EPDL empowers the technical staff and coaches – who are the best trained teachers of the game – to create the best possible environment for players’ growth and development. Thus the technical staff can make adjustments to teams that best fit the competition. In addition, this club centric approach allows the technical staff to be at one location and watch all of the players for a club instead of a few each week.

Will there be a lot of player movement between teams?

Player movement between teams will be determined by the technical staff on a weekly basis based on the level of competition. The goal of the EPDL is to offer competitive games between clubs and as a result player movement is means to ensure competitiveness. Since this is a pilot program, the amount of player movement is difficult to determine. 

When will I know where my son or daughters game is?

The goal is for the technical staff to work with the opposing teams’ technical staff each week to determine the level of competition and how to structure the coming games. It is the goal of the technical staff to communicate to team managers the players for each team by Wednesday of that week.

Is there a limit of underage players per team?

There is no limit for underage players on a team.

When will the game schedule be released?

The schedule is being finalized over the next week. 

I have heard about a kick off festival, what is that about?

The season will begin with a kick off festival on September 6th in an all-day soccer tournament. This event will only be for the girls Red and Black Teams. The boys teams will not be participating as there are limited boys teams in the EPDL (For VYS, the boys teams are also playing a full NCSL season, due to the few boys teams participating in the EPDL, and thus the EPDL offers additional games. 

Who is paying the league fees for the EPDL?

Since this is the introductory season, WAGS has agreed to fund the league fees for the entire year, meaning both the fall and spring season. If teams have paid their WAGS fees, they will be refunded to the teams. The timing of this refund is still to be determined.  where the participating clubs will compete 

For any additional questions, please reach out Jane Dawber, Director of Player Development (vysdevelopment@gmail.com), and/or Eddie Lima, VYS Technical Director (vystd@vys.org), and/or Nick Makrigiorgos, EPDL Representative (epdlrep@vys.org).

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