Field Setup

WARNING – Field Equipment Safety: Field equipment lockers and sheds and the material within are a safety hazard. These items are for sanctioned program use only. Only adults are permitted to access field equipment. Field equipment lockers with heavy steel lids are hazardous to operate. Be very careful when opening and closing these lockers. Close and lock these items immediately before leaving unattended to prohibit unauthorized access, child endangerment, and vandalism.

WARNING – Goal Safety: Moveable and portable soccer goals are a safety hazard. These items are for sanctioned program use only. Only adults are permitted to handle these goals. These goals must be securely anchored before use. The home team has 15 minutes to make their field safe or the game can be subject to forfeit.

  • Do not use unanchored goals. Field Setup requires that moveable and portable goals be securely anchored at their back corners before use. Report unanchored goals to the responsible club and to the game official at the field.

  • Do not unanchor or move goals, unless you are the adult responsible for Field Preparation.

  • Do not allow youth players or minors to assist in goal transport and placement.

  • Do not leave moveable or portable goals set up on a playing field overnight. Unless noted otherwise, Field Takedown requires that moveable and portable goals be removed to secure storage after use. Moveable goals with goal nets removed must be stored faced together and cable locked along with any anchor weights off the field of play behind a goal line.

  • Do not climb on goals. Do not allow children to play on field equipment and goals stored at a field. Warn anyone seen climbing on a goal to stop in the interest of the safety of everyone near the goal.

Check the VYS Master Field Schedule to determine home team game day field setup and takedown duty. A team’s assignment should also be indicated on its league division game schedule, but this indicator can be false when a field is used by more than one league. Check both schedules to be certain which team is responsible for game day field setup and/or takedown.

If your team has field setup, check the field several days before the game and perform Field Layout, if required.

Travel Soccer field equipment storage and any specific field use requirements are noted under the respective Field Directions. Contact your VYS House Commissioner for House Soccer field equipment storage and any specific field use requirements.

Field equipment is either stored in a locker or shed at a field, or it is stored at a private residence near the field. A location may store field equipment for more than one field. Use equipment only as marked. Some fields have permanent fixed goals, some fields have moveable goals stored at the field, and some fields have no goals and require portable goals that pack to about 1x10’ each. Field equipment lockers, sheds, and moveable goals are secured with VYS combination locks.

IMPORTANT: Please be discreet (tactful, careful, diplomatic, inconspicuous, unnoticeable... quiet) when accessing field equipment stored at a private residence near the field. And close the gate!

IMPORTANT: Report any field equipment deficiency such as running low on white spray paint (less than 1 box/12 cans) to VP Operations to help maintain this equipment.

IMPORTANT: Field equipment lockers and sheds are for sanctioned program use only. Personal equipment belonging to individual teams and coaches found stored in these items will be discarded.

Tools Required to Setup and Takedown a Field

  • Large screwdriver or the proper tool for turning in corkscrew goal anchors;

  • Hammer for goal stakes and goal net stakes;

  • Spare 1/4"x2’ cords for extra goal anchor straps;

  • Utility knife and spare cord for extra goal net fasteners;

  • Small step ladder or milk crate for reaching the crossbeam on fixed goals;

  • Litter bag;

  • Small flashlight for returning equipment after dark to a combination locked equipment locker.

Field Setup Procedure

Game day field setup before the first game may take 1 hour and include these tasks:

  1. Transport field equipment from storage. This may include a liner machine with paint, moveable or portable goals, goal anchors (corkscrew anchors with straps, stakes, or weights), goal nets with fasteners (clips, cord, or velcro straps), goal net stakes, corner flags, and spectator signs.

    IMPORTANT: Do not pick up field equipment early and hold it as it may be committed on a schedule you are unaware of.

  2. Over-paint faded lines. Painting faded lines helps to preserve the field layout.

  3. Assemble/Place/Anchor the goals and attach the goal nets. The face of the goal should be even with the outside edge of the goal line. Moveable and portable goals must be securely anchored at their back corners with corkscrew anchors with straps, stakes, or weights. Tip: Use a sledge hammer and 1/2" diameter stake to partially drill very hard soil before anchoring portable goals.

    IMPORTANT: Do not install stakes into a synthetic turf field. Instead, use weights to anchor field equipment.

    When possible, lay moveable and portable goals face down to easily attach the goal net to the crossbeam. Center the goal net top corner tags on the crossbeam. Wrap the goal net over the outside of the goal frame, unless the net is undersized. Avoid using tape as it is difficult to remove and litters the goals and fields. If present, fasten the goal net sag line taut and install goal net stakes to hold the net away from the field of play.

    Attach any equipment storage bags and cable locks behind the back corners of the goals to prevent them from becoming lost.

  4. Install the corner flags even with the outside edge of the lines.

  5. When a large field is divided into smaller fields for small-sided play, post the spectator signs provided to prohibit spectators between the smaller fields to preserve the playing surface.

  6. Move/Relocate furnishings like trash recepticles and benches and any spare field equipment like goals and kickback nets to behind the spectator lines and/or far back from the goal lines. Team benches, canopies, and banners should be located outward, respectively, to either side of the halfway line.

  7. Clear the field of any litter and safety hazards like rocks, dog fetch sticks, broken glass, and shredded aluminum and plastic containers.

  8. Transport unused field equipment to secure storage at the field, or leave it stationed beyond the exit corner of the field.

  9. Close and lock the field equipment locker/shed.

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