Field Use Policy

VYS Field Use Policy

Vienna Youth Soccer (VYS) has the privilege to use fields from the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), the Fairfax County Parks Authority (FCPA) and some private fields. Therefore, it is imperative that all VYS members (coaches, parents, players, and spectators) employ proper use and care for these fields when in use by VYS teams. Failure to do so may result in the Revocation of Field Privileges.

The VYS Field Use Policy document outlines all the field use policies as mandated by FCPS and FCPA, describes the responsible use of fields, and explains the VYS scheduling and field assignment processes.

The VYS community is urged to support the preservation and sustainability of our community fields through careful use and respect for those who neighbor these fields. It is the responsibility of all coaches, managers, referees and parents to lead by example by educating our children in the proper use of field space and emphasizing the importance of maintaining a clean environment. 


Responsible Use of Public Facilities

As members of the Vienna community who enjoy the privilege of using county, school and private fields for our games and practices, it is essential that we are always respectful of the property rights and privacy of those homes that border the fields and the other people who also use the parks and schools. Accordingly, it is essential that VYS members observe the following Codes of Conduct for all the fields used by our members:

  1. Never trespass on private property to gain access to a field. It is better to be a few minutes late than to violate another person’s property rights.
  2. Minimize the noise levels during warm-ups for early morning games and late evening practices.
  3. Use public toilets or portable toilets, where provided.
  4. Leave the field free of all trash at the end of a game or practices, even if some of it was there from the group before, please pick it all up! This includes bottles, caps, athletic tape, food wrappers, etc. It is a simple matter to police the field before leaving.
  5. Use legal parking spaces, even if it requires a longer walk to the field. Do not park on grass or block driveways and mailboxes.
  6. NO PETS allowed on any VYS field. Please ask pet owners to leave the field area with their pets and wait in the parking lot. School fields are posted with signs prohibiting pets by law.
  7. When practices or games are finished for the day, properly secure loose equipment in Knaack boxes or offsite sheds and lock movable goals together, off the playing field. If any locks are missing or equipment damaged or missing, please immediately inform the VYS VP of Operations at:
  8. No food or drinks, other than water, on TURF fields, this includes sports drinks, coffee or snacks. No tents, tarps, chairs, benches or blankets on any of the turf fields.

We need to establish a high standard of respect for the environment, neighbors and the other users of the park and school fields. These guidelines are provided to educate our children on the proper use of community property and to ensure a positive ongoing relationship with bordering neighbors.

Revocation of Field Use Privileges

Teams that do not adhere to the VYS Field Use Policy may be penalized as follows: 

  • First Offense Suspension of the next regularly scheduled practice.
  • Second Offense Suspension of next three allocated field slots.
  • Third Offense Loss of all non-game field allocations and privileges for the remainder of the season. 

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