Clarks Crossing Park #1-2


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Knaack Box Lock Combination: 1218.

Knaack box located on site between the fields. It is the box that faces you as you come down the side of the field. Equipment in Knaack box includes corner flags, large orange cones, nets and a bucket for use in installing and removing nets. Please note: Box is very difficult to open. Bring a rubber mallet and smack the side of the box next to the lock, which should open it.

The former Oak Marr Knaack box is at this field too. It faces the fields. Equipment includes – four nets, corner flags with spikes, goal anchors and anchoring tool, a liner, extra goal anchors, extra net fasteners and a couple first aid kits.

Field 1 has 8x24 goals. Field 2 has smaller size. Both sets of goals are permanently anchored. Nets must be set up and taken down before and after use.

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