Luther Jackson MS #1-2-3 (and Triangle area)

Field Information

(Proprietary Information. Please do not share outside of team management.)


Main Gate: The black lock box combo is 3456. Remove the key to unlock all the gates. Immediately return the key to the gate lock box. Do not remove the lock from the gate.

Corner Flags and Bases: Flags and bases are stored in the shed at the far right of the parking lot, locked. There is a key lock on the shed door, combo to the lock box on the fence is 2579Remove corners and bases, immediately relock the shed and return key and lock the lock box. If two games are scheduled close together on both little fields, please take out all 8 corners and bases! Do not let other user groups use VYS corner flags when you are done! Last team on the field needs to ensure all 8 corners are locked in the shed and the key is returned to the lock box. Do NOT leave the shed unlocked during the day. Premier AC (PAC) is sharing the shed use. They will only store 8 corner flags immediately to the right as you enter. Please keep the VYS corners and the goals neatly stored straight in and to the right.

Lights: Are programmed by the county to go on and off. VYS users do not need to do anything for the lights. Will automatically shut off at 11 pm.

Relock everything when leaving unless followed by pernitted user.

jackson lock Please relock the main gate and all 3 field gates. These gates should remain locked when permit holders are done for the day. Ensure the key is inside the main gate lock box as you depart.

  • No Chairs, Tents or Benches are allowed on this field.
  • No pets at any time on this school field.
  • Only water, No Gatorade, coffee or other beverages are allowed on the turf.
  • No food on the field; snacks may be consumed on the grass and properly disposed.
  • Pick up all trash and recyclables and place in proper receptacles.
  • Lost and Found items may be put in the LJ shed.
  • Please do not share this info with too many people in VYS and especially DO NOT share our combos with any other user groups! DO NOT ALLOW WALK ON GROUPS TO USE THIS FIELD, entire turf area is for permitted users only.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 993, Vienna, VA 22183  |  Phone: 703-242-3828 |

Mission Statement

To build character, confidence, and a lifelong love of soccer by providing a continuum of competitive, high-quality and positive soccer experiences for all players in the Vienna community. #ALifetimeOfSoccer