What is Allowed and Not Allowed on Turf Fields

Are Synthetic turf fields safe to play on?

There has been some concern in the media regarding the long-term health impact of playing on artificial turf fields. VYS is following the discussion regarding this issue closely. The club is taking a lead from Fairfax County Athletic Services (FCAS) position who have conducted a detailed assessment of the current data and concluded that:

  • To date, the concerns about increased risk of negative health effects due to the chemicals in crumb rubber turf fields have not been substantiated in the scientific literature.

  • No study exists that has shown an elevated health risk from playing on fields with crumb rubber. The general conclusion for all the studies reviewed is that health effects are unlikely from exposure to the levels of chemicals found in synthetic turf with crumb rubber infill and that these fields do not pose a serious public health concern.

  • There has been no evidence of an occurrence of a greater than expected number of cancers in children associated with crumb rubber.

FCAS’s communication regarding this subject can be found on the link below:turf field


My child is playing on artificial turf. Why is water the only drink allowed?
The electrolytes in drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade can damage the field's rubber fiberfill. To ensure longevity, no food or beverages, other than water, are allowed on turf fields.

Can teams bring after game snacks to turf fields?
Team Snacks are not encouraged when playing on turf, as food is not allowed on this type of playing surface.

Can the field be cleared after snow?

No, artificial turf fields are not to be shoveled at any time. There is no proper method that prevents damage. Teams that are going outside to run should do so in an area that is free of snow and ice and is safe for that activity.

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