Team Parent Resources

  1. Creating a roster.
  2. Communication is key!

(1) The roster lists everyone on the team and has the child’s name, jersey number, parent names and address, contact information (for carpooling). Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Parent/Manager are generally listed at the top with players following in alpabetical order.

Player: Jack LastName: Smith  (jersey #11)
Parents: John & Jane
Address: 123 Main Street
Home Num: 703-111-1111
Cell Num: 703-222-2222 (Jack)
Cell Num: 703-333-3333 (Jane)    

You can email this to the parents or hand it out at the first game.

(2) Communicate to families if there are any changes to practices/games. Collect information from coach/assistant coach and disseminate out to famlies.  Become the point of contact for families to go to if they have a question about practices/games, team, VYS news.


Now, pat yourself on the back for a wonderful job and realize the team couldn't have made it through the season without you!! The coaches, players and parents thank you for your time and efforts!

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Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience.