Pickup Soccer

Kids in Vienna, and neighboring communities play mostly organized sports, soccer among them. They really don’t have much opportunity to play without coaches and parents constantly telling them what to do. While organized, structured sessions are important and have its benefits, for one night a week, VYS is giving the game back to the kids! It’s essentially facilitated free play.

VYS Pickup Soccer is a free program for VYS players U7 - U14 (ages 6-13 years old). This is a special time for players to try new skills and form new friendships. VYS staff and volunteers will help create teams, ensure participants are safe, and occasionally join in, but will generally not provide any coaching.

The game is the teacher, not the adults. Pickup Soccer gives the kids an opportunity to play with players of different ages and abilities. Players are welcome (and encouraged) to try new skills, solve disputes, and become leaders in a risk-free, low pressure environment.

Please contact Mike Seminaro or Bonnie Van Der Weide if you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help out. 

See you on the pitch!

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Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience.