Games are now assigned in an online signup. 
ROUND ONE: The referee assignor will notify you when Round One of signup is open and how many games you may request in this round. 
As it is in everyone’s best interest to have referees work two consecutive games, priority will be given to referees that request two games in a row. Referees are limited to two games in a row unless he/she requests to work more games with express approval of the assignor.
Please don’t leave holes in the schedule. This means if there are six consecutive U10G games, referees should either request games 1 & 2 or games 3 & 4 or games 5 & 6. A referee requesting games 2 & 3, for example, will likely not get the assignment.

When Round One of signup closes,
The referee assignor will make assignments based on experience and fairness.  The goal is to get every referee at least 10 games if that’s what they want to work.

If there are siblings, parents or friends that would like to work games together, please email in advance and the referee assignor will do her best to respect those wishes when assigning. Please remember that many, many referees will request the same games. The referee asssignor can only choose one referee per position. Those decisions will be made on experience and fairness. 

Referees will receive an e-mail stating either their request has been confirmed or denied. 

When a referee receives an email denying an assignment request, he/she may request another game. 

The referee may select a new game for each game request that is declined. However, a referee should NEVER have more than a total of 10 games requested and accepted at one time. Therefore, for games that your request is accepted you may not request another game until the second round of signup is opened.
ROUND TWO: The Referee Assignor will let you know when the Round Two of signup has begun and how many games you may request. As in Round One, referees may request another game every time a game request is denied in the Second Round. 
ROUND THREE: If there is a need for a Round Three of signup the assignor will let everyone know. Otherwise, the assignor will inform the referees that signup is open meaning anyone can request an open games.

To request a game assignment, login to An open/unassigned game will have an I’d Like It button that you select to request that game. After you request a game, you will receive a follow-up e-mail confirming whether or not you have been assigned that game.

If you are not assigned a game, it is most likely because several referees requested the same game and the Referee Assignor assigned it to just one of them. The Referee Assignor distributes assignments as fairly as possible.

If a game is open/unassigned and you do not see an I Like It button, try removing your date of birth from your user profile to get the button to appear. If you are still having a problem, please contact the VYS Referee Assignor for assistance.

If you did not request a game that was assigned to you by the Referee Assignor, then you MUST login to to accept/decline that game assignment as soon as possible. If you do not accept the assignment by Wednesday midnight before the game, that game will be returned to the open games list.

Questions?  Please contact the VYS Referee Assignor.

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