Coaches expect to see referees at their games and are very vocal about letting the Referee Assignor know when a referee fails to show. Failure to show up for an assigned game is very bad. This is a real job with players, coaches, spectators, other referees, and league officials depending on you. Showing up at the wrong time or at the wrong field is the same as not showing up at all.

If you fail to show up for an assigned game, the pay you would have earned will instead be deducted from your paycheck.
The second time you fail to show up for an assigned game, you will no longer be permitted to referee for VYS. No excuses. No exceptions.

Every referee is expected to perform their assigned game official duties to the very best of their ability. The following are key reminders:

  • Referees who have red carded a player or coach, or who have observed serious misconduct from spectators, should report the occurrence without delay to the appropriate age group commissioner and the Vice President for Referees who will then inform the Vice President for House or Travel, as appropriate. 

  • Check your online game assignments before leaving for your game to be sure that you have correctly noted the assigned day, date, time, field, and league division of play;

  • The center referee must submit a game report on with the game score within 24 hours of completing the game. If the score isn't reported within 24 hours the referee will not be paid for that game. For Parent League games the score should be reported as 0 to 0.

  • Know the Laws of the Game for the house/recreational club league or travel league division of play;

  • Bring the necessary equipment including an alternate shirt or pinny color to resolve a color conflict with a team uniform;

  • Arrive at the game field 30 minutes prior to kick-off with a good attitude;

  • Survey the field for safe playing conditions: goals anchored; field clear of debris/defects; immediate touch lines and goal lines clear of spectators, equipment, and dogs;

  • Confirm that the game ball is the correct size, of match quality, and fully inflated.  Have a spare game ball available on a field with difficult or hazardous boundaries;

  • Take control of the game and make calls with a loud, firm voice;

  • Be a good teacher to young players by letting them know what call was made and why;

  • Know your role; do not become over zealous such that you unduly disrupt the flow of the game and/or interfere with its outcome;

  • Do not engage players, coaches, and spectators in frivolous conversation and/or argument;

  • Expect the unexpected, use common sense, and make safety a priority (allow extra time outs on a very hot day).

  • Keep games on time. If a game starts late, it will still have to end at the original end time so the next game can start on time.

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