Referee Mentor Responsibilities

The Referee Mentor program was designed in order to provide guidance and positive reinforcement, and to serve as a resource for our new referees. There is responsibility with being a referee mentor. The following are some of the responsibilities of a referee mentor but are not all inclusive:

  1. Prior to season start:
    • Provide availability dates and times, and sign up for games requiring a mentor. The Referee Mentor is responsible for games the mentor has been scheduled to attend
    • Provide knowledge, advice, and recommendations on how to strengthen the Referee Mentor Program
    • The mentor is to advise the Referee Mentor Coordinator as soon as possible of any unexpected conflicts which will not allow the Referee Mentor to attend scheduled game.
  2. The Referee Mentor is to be at scheduled field at least 20 minutes prior to kick-off to meet the new referee.
    • At the field the Mentor is to introduce himself/herself to the new referee and to the coaches of the teams playing the game.
    • The Mentor is to advise the coaches the Mentor will be acting as Field Liaison for the VP of Referees.
  3. Prior to kick-off the Mentor is to provide guidance and advice to the new referee. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Dress and Appearance meets FIFA Laws
    • Arrival in a timely manner
    • Proper inspection of playing field and conducting an effective pre-game with referee team (if applicable), and with the teams playing the match.
    • Starts match on time
  4. During the match:
    • Watches the new referee and notates, in a manner to discuss, the new referees; Courage, Character, Mechanics/Signals, Accuracy of Decisions, Attitude, and Game Control
    • At half time (if needed), and end-of-game provides new referee with assessment, guidance and advice in a positive manner.
  5. Post-game:
    • Completes Referee Evaluation Form and submits form to the Referee Mentor Coordinator by Tuesday of the following week
    • If necessary, contacts Referee Mentor Coordinator and VP of Referees to report any concerns. This can include concerns regarding new referee or issues due to being the VP of Referees field liaison.
  6. End-of-Season:
    • Submits names of new referees for consideration for any Referee Award the new referee may qualify for.
    • Attends end-of-season VYS Referee Meeting/Party.

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