Age Group Guidelines for House Soccer

2017 - 2018

U4 U5 U6 U7 U8 U9 U10 U11 U12 U13-14
(U13) (U14)
Jul-14 Jul-13 Jul-12 Jul-11 Jul-10 Jul-09 Jul-08 Jul-07 Jul-06 Jul-05 Jul-04
Jun-14 Jun-13 Jun-12 Jun-11 Jun-10 Jun-09 Jun-08 Jun-07 Jun-06 Jun-05 Jun-04
May-14 May-13 May-12 May-11 May-10 May-09 May-08 May-07 May-06 May-05 May-04
Apr-14 Apr-13 Apr-12 Apr-11 Apr-10 Apr-09 Apr-08 Apr-07 Apr-06 Apr-05 Apr-04
Mar-14 Mar-13 Mar-12 Mar-11 Mar-10 Mar-09 Mar-08 Mar-07 Mar-06 Mar-05 Mar-04
Feb-14 Feb-13 Feb-12 Feb-11 Feb-10 Feb-09 Feb-08 Feb-07 Feb-06 Feb-05 Feb-04
Jan-14 Jan-13 Jan-12 Jan-11 Jan-10 Jan-09 Jan-08 Jan-07 Jan-06 Jan-05 Jan-04
Dec-13 Dec-12 Dec-11 Dec-10 Dec-09 Dec-08 Dec-07 Dec-06 Dec-05 Dec-04 Dec-03
Nov-13 Nov-12 Nov-11 Nov-10 Nov-09 Nov-08 Nov-07 Nov-06 Nov-05 Nov-04 Nov-03
Oct-13 Oct-12 Oct-11 Oct-10 Oct-09 Oct-08 Oct-07 Oct-06 Oct-05 Oct-04 Oct-03
Sep-13 Sep-12 Sep-11 Sep-10 Sep-09 Sep-08 Sep-07 Sep-06 Sep-05 Sep-04 Sep-03
Aug-13 Aug-12 Aug-11 Aug-10 Aug-09 Aug-08 Aug-07 Aug-06 Aug-05 Aug-04 Aug-03
            (U15) (U16) (U17) (U18) (U19)
            Jul-03 Jul-02 Jul-01 Jul-00 Jul-99
            Jun-03 Jun-02 Jun-01 Jun-00 Jun-99
            May-03 May-02 May-01 May-00 May-99
            Apr-03 Apr-02 Apr-01 Apr-00 Apr-99
            Mar-03 Mar-02 Mar-01 Mar-00 Mar-99
            Feb-03 Feb-02 Feb-01 Feb-00 Feb-99
            Jan-03 Jan-02 Jan-01 Jan-00 Jan-99
            Dec-02 Dec-01 Dec-00 Dec-99 Dec-98
            Nov-02 Nov-01 Nov-00 Nov-99 Nov-98
            Oct-02 Oct-01 Oct-00 Oct-99 Oct-98
            Sep-02 Sep-01 Sep-00 Sep-99 Sep-98
            Aug-02 Aug-01 Aug-00 Aug-99 Aug-98


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Mission Statement

To build character, confidence, and a lifelong love of soccer by providing a continuum of competitive, high-quality and positive soccer experiences for all players in the Vienna community. #ALifetimeOfSoccer