Special Requests Removed

Player Development is Primary Goal

The VYS Board of Directors is in unanimous agreement that in creating teams in the House leagues, the goal is to form balanced teams throughout each division, which should be structured to nurture all players in an age group, regardless of skill level.  The Board has specifically rejected the notion of creating tiers of teams within a division.

I have reviewed this goal with the Commissioners for several seasons.  However, a repeated complaint from Commissioners is that special requests for teams and coaches have in some instances made balance throughout a division almost impossible to accomplish.  VYS is committed to developing players, NOT to developing teams.  Creating balanced teams is a critical element in successful player development.  Accordingly, at the May 3, 2010 Board meeting, after much discussion, the Board agreed to eliminate the special request section on the registration form in order to further our goal of forming balanced house league teams, and in turn developing better soccer players.

While the lack of a special request section is a departure from the VYS registration form in previous seasons, it is consistent with other Vienna sports leagues. The removal of the Special Request box does not equate to children being unable to play with some of their friends and total random mixing. Commissioners will still look at schools and neighborhoods, and possibly even previous team assignments.  However, Commissioners will also be taking into account other factors, including past game results, in an effort to form teams of equal strength throughout divisions.  For many of the divisions, especially the younger divisions, we doubt that there will be vast changes in team assignments.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we strive to provide the opportunity for children of all abilities in our community to have a high-quality soccer experience in a fun and safe environment.

Mike Gurdak
VP of House Soccer

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To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience.