Financial Aid

This policy applies to all travel players in VYS and is issued by the VYS Board of Directors with the intent of allowing those experiencing financial hardship an opportunity to play soccer with VYS. Subject to the availability of funds, VYS will offer financial aid made on a defined set of factors. All award decisions are made at the sole direction of VYS. The application and aid information will be kept confidential.


For information in Spanish, please contact Oscar Leon


Mandatory Eligibility Criteria for Financial Aid Assistance


Acceptable documents for documenting the mandatory eligibility criteria include the following:


-Current Proof of Eligibility for Free or Reduced Lunch Program


-Current Proof of Eligibility for Medicaid


-Current Proof of Eligibility for Food Stamps


-Current Proof of Eligibility for Social Security Income (SSI)


If you are not eligible for public assistance benefits and cannot provide a copy of one of the documents listed above, you will need to submit a copy of your current Federal Tax 1040 form (first page only). 


The Board will approve a set amount of funds allocated to financial aid each season (Fall/Spring). Included in the amount of allocated funds will be any hardship donations which were contributed to VYS to be used for financial aid. The Director of Finance will review all requests to ensure they meet applicable guidelines. Awards will then be distributed based on the amount of the financial aid funds available and the amount of financial aid requests.


The eligibility threshold is combined parental Adjusted Gross Income of less than $100,000 (line 8b on Federal tax return form 1040).


-Applicant must be 7-19 years old.


-Applicant must make a commitment to attend a minimum of 80% of scheduled practices and games.


-Must fill out the Financial Aid Application completely.


-Must fill out the Financial Aid Application at the time of initial registration. House registrations must be completed prior to the first day of scheduled practices.  Travel registrations must be completed during the tryout registration. 


-Proof of Eligibility should be uploaded each season at the time of registration. If uploading is not possible, documents must be mailed or emailed within 3 days of registration (see contact information below).


-Financial Aid applicants for Travel Academy Program must request financial aid during the tryout registration process and complete Financial Aid Application within 48 hours of receiving a Travel Academy Offer.


**Financial Aid Application information will not be used for determining whether a player is accepted or on which team the player is placed.  This is solely for administrative procedures**


VYS Fees (Click here)


There are four types of fees and expenditures necessary to participate in the Vienna Youth Soccer (VYS) Travel soccer program:


-Club Fees

-Team Fees
-Travel Uniform Fees

-Additional Expenses


The following are the guidelines for the amount of aid which eligible travel players may receive:


Level 1- Free Lunch (FARMS) form, SNAP (food stamps) form, TANF form, or documented income at 130% of the federal poverty level for the household.


Level 2- Reduced Lunch (FARMS) form, Medicaid form or documented income at 185% of the federal poverty level for the household.


Level 3- No FARMS forms, SNAP form, TANF form, or Medicaid form but with documented income at 250% of the federal poverty level for the household.


Level 4- No FARMS forms, SNAP form, TANF form, or Medicaid form but with a documented income at 300% of the federal poverty level for the household.


FA Level Club Fees Team Fees
Level 1 90% 100%
Level 2 75% 75%
Level 3 60% 60%
Level 4 45% 45%


For Club Fees and Team Fees, VYS will reduce the amount the player pays to the Club by the appropriate amount.  Players are responsible for paying for any Club Fees and Team Fees in excess of the covered amount.


Uniform Fees


Please note that VYS will purchase one Basic Uniform Kit (jersey, shorts, and socks) for each player on Financial Aid in each year that VYS is in a required “buy year.”  In the event that it is the player’s first year with VYS in a non-“buy year”, VYS will provide the uniform for that year.


Additional Expenses and Equipment Vouchers


For Travel, additional expenses could include, but are not limited to certain equipment necessary for program participation, such as shin guards, soccer socks, and soccer cleats. The financial aid assistance for shin guards, soccer socks and soccer cleats is provided in the form of an equipment voucher to the player’s parent/guardian. The amount of the voucher varies based on age and may not cover 100% of the equipment cost.


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