Travel Committee

VYS Travel Committee


The Travel Committee, chaired by the Vice President of Travel, is the overseeing body for VYS’s travel program. The Travel Committee includes:

  • Vice President of Travel
  • Vice President of Fields
  • Club Representatives for travel leagues
  • One At-Large member of Board of Directors (appointed by the Board)
  • One AGC Representative (appointed by the Board)
  • VYS Directors of Coaching (non-voting member)

With the exception of the Vice President of Travel, the Vice President of Fields and the At-Large members, Travel Committee members will be appointed by the Vice President of Travel, subject to approval by the Board.


Travel Committee meetings will be open. The Travel Committee will meet four times annually. Dates for these meetings will be announced at least two weeks in advance, and will be posted on the VYS website.

No vote may be taken at a Travel Committee meeting unless a quorum consisting of a majority of the voting members of the Travel Committee is present. Upon a majority vote of the Travel Committee members present at a meeting, the Travel Committee may convene an executive session at which only members of the Travel Committee are present to discuss confidential or sensitive issues.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee all decisions regarding the travel program taking into account VYSA, U.S. Club and VYS guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with VYS Travel policies and procedures.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on grievances as per the Grievance Policy.
  • Approve recommendations from the Directors of Coaching regarding the selection of travel leagues (e.g., NPL, NCSL, and ODSL) for which VYS travel teams will join.
  • Approve club league representatives (e.g. NPL, NCSL, and ODSL).
  • Participate in the travel coach interview process with the Directors of Coaching to ensure that all applicants: (1) satisfy minimum qualifications required under the Travel Policies (2) support the Mission and Vision of the Club, and (3) meet the strategic goals of the club (e.g., community-based values).
  • Approve selection of the Age Group Coordinator(s) (“AGC”) for each group, taking into account recommendations from the Directors of Coaching.
  • Approve the Travel Coaching Guidelines based on recommendations by the Directors of Coaching. The Travel Coaching Guidelines define the characteristics for the proper assignment of coaches to teams (e.g., Head Coaches limited to coaching 3 teams per season to ensure high quality and time committed to each team).
  • Ensure placement of coaches and assistant coaches conforms to the coaching guidelines established by the Directors of Coaching and approved by the Travel Committee.

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