Travel Fees and Refund Policy

2019-2020 Travel Fees

Listed below are the annual Club Fees for the Vienna Youth Soccer (VYS) travel soccer program.  These fees are paid through the VYS online registration system.

The VYS Club Fees can be paid in full at the time of registration or paid as a deposit and two installments.

  • Initial deposit of $400 due at time of registration (Non refundable)
  • Installment #1 August 1st - total fee minus $400.00 divided by 2. 
  • Installment #2 October 15th - total fee minus $400.00 divided by 2.

VYS Club Fees are collected on an annual basis and cover the entire soccer year.  The difference in fees for travel teams is primarily due to the number of players on each team, compensation for coaches, league fees, and additional weekly training sessions.


Age Group Club Fees Team Fees
Academy Teams U09 - U10 $1,700 $300-500
Academy Teams U11 - U12 $1,775 $300-500
Academy Teams U13 - U17 $1,825 $300-500
Academy Teams U19 $1,625 $300-500
VPL Teams U11 - U12 $1,925 $300-500
VPL Teams U13 - U17 $2,025 $300-500
VPL Teams U19 $1,775 $300-500

Academy Teams:  Black, White, Silver, Gold
VPL Teams:
  Eagles, Phoenix

Travel Fees and Refund Policy

There are three types of fees to participate in the Vienna Youth Soccer (VYS) travel soccer program: 

  • Club Fees:  These are centralized fees paid directly through the VYS registration system.
  • Team Fees:  These are individual team expenses not covered by the Club Fees and handled via a payment process determined by each individual team.
  • Uniform Fees:  These are fees to purchase the required VYS travel uniform kit; parents/guardians purchase the VYS uniform kit directly through PJ's Sports.

Club Fees
VYS Club Fees cover the following areas.  These fees are paid through the VYS registration system at the start of the soccer year.

  • VYS membership registration fee
  • VYS coaching fees
  • League fees
  • Referee fees
  • VYSA fees/Insurance, including staff and coach background checks
  • Fairfax County player usage fees
  • VYS administration costs, including staff compensation and operational costs
  • Coaching education and licensure
  • Technical staff gear and equipment

Team Fees
Individual team expenses are not covered by the VYS Club Fees.  Team fees are determined by each individual team and the payment of these fees is handled by each team manager or team or academy treasurer.  These fees are generally due at the beginning of the Fall season and the beginning of the Spring season.

Team fees typically include the following:

  • Tournament entrance fees
  • Tournament travel expenses for coaches (if applicable)
  • Team equipment (team bench, team tent, goalie equipment, etc.)
  • All other fees not covered by the VYS Club Fee (patches, pins, etc)

Winter Indoor League fees are an additional cost usually handled outside of team fees and are paid by those who elect to participate.

Players must be current on all Club and Team fees in order to participate in practices, games, and tournaments. 

Uniform Fees
Each VYS travel team player is required to have a basic VYS uniform kit.  Uniform kits are purchased directly from by the parents/guardians of each player.  Costs vary depending if the full uniform kit or portions of the uniform kit is needed each year.  

Multi-sibling Discount
Families registering three or more players for House (Rec) or Travel programs are eligible for a multi-sibling discount. The discount will automatically appear at checkout during registration for families with three or more house players. Families participating in the VYS Travel program - please contact the to obtain the discount.  (Note:  Discount may not be applied to Goalkeeper, Indoor Winter Programs, Futsal, Spring Break Camp, Summer Camps, Super Y, or Development Center programs.)


Travel Refund Policy

The VYS Travel Refund Policy defines the circumstances under which Vienna Youth Soccer (VYS) will grant a refund of VYS Travel Club fees.  The Travel Refund Policy also outlines the steps that must be taken when requesting a refund of VYS Travel Club fees.  It is important to note that this Policy does not address any other fees associated with VYS travel soccer (for example, team fees, uniforms, etc.).

The goal of the Travel Refund Policy is to ensure the continued financial solvency and efficient operation of VYS and its Travel teams and the fair and equitable granting of requested Travel Club fee refunds.  By defining and sharing this policy, VYS strives to ensure that all VYS families understand the Travel Refund Policy before they commit to participate in the VYS Travel program.

The specific rules and procedures of the VYS Travel Refund Policy are based on comparable practices of neighboring Northern Virginia Travel soccer programs and are in line with what is considered reasonable and customary.

Travel Program Commitment
When a family accepts an invitation to join a VYS Travel team, they are making a commitment to the VYS Travel program for the 12-month soccer year, which generally runs from July 1st of one year through June 30th of the next year.  The commitment is for this entire one-year period and not for a specific soccer season (Fall, Spring) or training period (Summer, Winter).

This yearlong commitment is important for two reasons:

  1. Each year, VYS incurs expenses and makes resource commitments based on the total number of Travel players who commit to the 12-month soccer year.  Financial and resource commitments are made based on the number of families who accept the year long VYS Travel program commitment and many expenses are incurred in advance.  
  2.  In addition, team rosters are set at the beginning of each Travel soccer year and disruptions to those rosters have the potential to negatively affect the team as a whole and its individual players and families.  Appropriate roster sizes are needed to maximize the development time for each and every player and to ensure that there are enough players on each team to sufficiently participate in training sessions, games and tournaments. 

Refund Eligibility
As an organization, VYS must work to maintain a predictable financial model and, equally important, a positive experience for every Travel player.  To help ensure that these two goals are met, VYS will only grant refunds of the VYS Travel Club fee in clearly defined circumstances.

Any VYS Travel program family who meets one of the following criteria will be granted a pro-rated Travel Club fee refund:

  • Any VYS Travel program player whose parent or legal guardian is active duty military and receives orders to relocate outside of the VYS league playing area during the August through April timeframe is eligible for a pro-rated refund of the VYS Travel Club fees.   Documentation of the relocation order is required to be submitted with the refund request.
  • Any VYS Travel program player who accepts an invitation to join a VYS Travel team that is unable to form a full roster and, therefore, is unable to participate in Fall league play is entitled to a 100% refund of any and all monies paid toward their annual VYS Travel Club fees, including the initial VYS Travel program deposit.
  • Player injury (See injury policy below).

It is important to note the following:

  • The initial VYS Travel program deposit is non-refundable except in those instances when a VYS travel team is unable to form a full roster and, therefore, cannot participate in Fall league play OR where a player's parent or legal guardian is active duty military and receives out-of-town relocation orders prior to the commencement (first scheduled practice) of the Fall season.  The Travel program deposit is paid at the time a player and a player’s family accepts an invitation to join a VYS Travel team and is used to “hold” that player’s roster spot and cover any additional expenses required to hold additional tryouts should players back out of their commitment.
  • In order to be eligible for any pro-rated refund of Travel Club fees, a family must be current on all payment obligations to VYS for all players (Travel program, House program, and any supplemental programs including summer camps).
  • Except in those cases where a player’s parent or legal guardian is in the active military, refunds are not given due to job relocations of a player’s parent or legal guardian.
  • No discounts of the VYS Travel Club fees are given for players who join the VYS Travel program after the initial Tryout period for a given soccer year and prior to October 1st of that year. 
  • Travel players who are invited and join the VYS Travel program on or after October 1st of the soccer year, are required to pay a pro rated amount of the annual VYS Travel Club fees for that year.  Note there may be other fees that aren’t covered by this policy (for example, team fees, uniforms, etc.).

Refund Amounts
Active Duty Military
For active duty military families receiving relocation orders and requesting a refund of the VYS Travel Club fee, refunds are granted on a prorated basis as outlined below. All approved Travel program refunds will be paid via check or credit card within 15 days of the date of the refund request.

  • The initial deposit will be fully refunded for active duty military families receiving relocation orders prior to the start of the fall season. The season will be considered started when practices have commenced.
  • Approved refund requests for relocations between the start of the fall season and April 30th of the soccer year will be granted a prorated refund of the annual VYS Club fee for that soccer year.  All requests for refunds must be received by June 30th of the current soccer year.
  • No refunds will be granted for relocations occurring after April of the soccer year.

Unable to Form a Travel Team
In the case of a family receiving a refund because VYS was unable to form a VYS Travel team, the entire Travel Program fee including the initial deposit will be refunded and paid by check or refunded by credit card within 15 business days of the date of the refund request.

Injury Policy
In the event of an injury to a player, the Club may waive (if an installment payment is not yet due) or refund Club Fees (for payments already made). Players are responsible for all Club Fees up until the injury occurred and a decision is made on a waiver or refund of Club fees. In order to qualify for a waiver or refund of Club fees:

  • Any waiver of Club or Team Fees will only be considered upon delivery of a doctor’s note stating that a player will miss or has missed a minimum of three consecutive months during the August to April timeframe due to the injury.
  • The player must be current with all Club and Team Fees.
  • A player missing three (3) consecutive months of play during the August to April timeframe will be entitled to a waiver or prorated refund of their annual Club Fees.   The amount will be determined based on the date the player can no longer play.  
  • All claims for waivers or refunds of Club or Team fees must be received by June 30th of the seasonal soccer year in which the injury occurs.
  • Before returning to practice or games, the player must supply a doctor’s note stating he/she is able to return to play and the parent/guardian must pay the prorated dues for the remainder of the season.  The doctor’s note should be provided to the Team Manager who will forward it to the Registrar for calculation of the amount due.  The Registrar will inform the Team Manager when the player is allowed to return to play.

NOTE: The Club can only refund or waive the Club Fees. Decisions regarding waiver or refund of Team Fees are at the discretion of the Team Manager and/or Team Treasurer.

Refund Request Process
All requests for a refund of the VYS Travel Club fees must be submitted in writing and must be signed by one or more of the player’s parents or legal guardians listed in their child’s (children’s) VYS registration record.  A copy of the signed refund request must be submitted to the player’s Team Manager and the team’s Age Group Coordinator (AGC).  The team’s AGC will forward the refund request and the supporting documentation to the Director of Coaching of the player’s age group and the VP Travel.    All refund requests must include supporting documentation as defined in the VYS Travel Refund Policy.

The VP Travel will determine the refunded amount, if any, based on the VYS Travel Refund Policy.  All approved Travel program refunds will be paid via check or credit card within 15 business days of the date by which the AGC received the refund request.

This VYS Travel Refund Policy was approved by the VYS Board of Directors on October 3, 2018 and is effective retroactive to August 1, 2018.

Travel Summer Camp - Refund Policy
VYS understands and acknowledges that camp sign-up decisions can be partially made based on the location of the camp. Refunds will be permitted for fourteen (14) days following the release of camp field locations. Camp field locations will be released to all registrants via the email address used to register for camp.  (Note: An administrative fee of 30% of the program’s registration fee will be subtracted from all refunds). 

In order to request a refund, you must send an email to no later than fourteen (14) days following the camp location email announcement.  If a request is not received within the fourteen (14) day period, all camp tuition and fees are non-refundable.

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