Travel Fees and Refund Policy

There are three types of fees to participate in the Vienna Youth Soccer (VYS) travel soccer program: 

  • Club Fees:  These are centralized fees paid directly through the VYS registration system.
  • Team Fees:  These are individual team expenses not covered by the Club Fees and handled via a payment process determined by each individual team.
  • Uniform Fees:  These are fees to purchase the required VYS travel uniform kit; parents/guardians purchase the VYS uniform kit directly through

Club Fees

VYS Club Fees cover the following areas.  These fees are paid through the VYS registration system at the start of the soccer year.

  • VYS membership registration fee
  • VYS coaching fees
  • League fees
  • Referee fees
  • VYSA fees/Insurance, including staff and coach background checks
  • Fairfax County player usage fees
  • VYS administration costs, including staff compensation and operational costs
  • Coaching education and licensure
  • Technical staff gear and equipment

Team Fees

Individual team expenses are not covered by the VYS Club Fees.  Team fees are determined by each individual team and the payment of these fees is handled by each team manager or team or academy treasurer.  These fees are generally due at the beginning of the Fall season and the beginning of the Spring season.

Team fees typically include the following:

  • Tournament entrance fees
  • Tournament travel expenses for coaches (if applicable)
  • Winter Indoor League Fees
  • Team equipment (team bench, team tent, goalie equipment, etc.)
  • All other fees not covered by the VYS Club Fee (patches, pins, team communication costs, etc)

Players must be current on all Club and Team fees in order to participate in practices, games, and tournaments. 

Uniform Fees

Each VYS travel team player is required to have a basic VYS uniform kit.  Uniform kits are purchased directly from by the parents/guardians of each player.  Costs vary depending if the full uniform kit or portions of the uniform kit is needed each year.  

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Mission Statement

To build character, confidence, and a lifelong love of soccer by providing a continuum of competitive, high-quality and positive soccer experiences for all players in the Vienna community. #ALifetimeOfSoccer