Travel Policies

Consistent with Vienna Youth Soccer ("VYS") Travel Program Policies and Procedures, VYS has developed a network of staff to support its members and address any specific questions or concerns that may arise relating to a member's participation in the program.

To ensure that VYS is able to effectively resolve any such issues in an efficient manner, the club has established a Chain of Communication and Escalation Policy for both technical and administrative issues. In the event that a parent, player, or member has a technical issue (ie. a player movement, playing time, position rotation, practices times, locations, cancellations, etc) or an administrative concern (ie. registration, payment, etc), please follow the process outlined below.

Chain of Communication and Escalation Policy

Response Time

The VYS staff and Board are fully committed to timely responding to all questions and issues raised and will attempt to do so within 24 business hours of receiving an issue under this Policy. However, given the workloads of the VYS staff and the volunteer nature of the VYS, please allow 48 business hours to receive a response before escalating the matter to the next level, unless there’s an issue involving player safety, please bring that to the attention of the VP Travel ASAP.

First Level of Escalation

The first level of escalation is the Head Coach of the team for all technical issues and the Team Manager for all administrative issues.

Second Level of Escalation

The second level of escalation is the Lead Coach for a particular age group and gender for all technical issues and the Age Group Coordinator (AGC) for all administrative issues. Unless otherwise specified, the Lead Coach for an age group is the Head Coach for the Red team.

Third Level of Escalation

The third level of escalation is to the Director of Coaching responsible for that age group. The Director of Coaching will respond to both administrative and technical issues.

Fourth Level of Escalation

The fourth level of escalation is to the VYS VP Travel Appeal.


If the concern or issue being raised is systemic or involves a VYS Travel Policy violation, the issue can be raised to the VP Travel after the prior steps have been taken. The matter must be submitted in writing to the Vice President of Travel who will take the  necessary steps to address the issue raised consistent with the VYS Travel Policies.


The sole exception to the Chain of Communication and Escalation Policy is for matters involving player safety, which must be brought to the attention of the VYS Executive Director and Vice President of Travel.

Skipping an Escalation Level

This Chain of Communication and Escalation Policy is designed to address specific questions relating to members participating in the VYS Travel Program individually. If a member skips a level in the escalation policy, the member will be redirected to the appropriate individual to address the particular issue. This process is meant to ensure timely resolution of matters by the individuals with the most knowledge of a particular situation.

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