VYS Fall '20 House League Updates

Return to Play Guidelines

VYS Fall '20 House League Updates


VYS Fall House League Updates & Return to Play Guidelines


Per Fairfax County & Governor's approval, games are permitted this fall. VYS will be moving forward with the Fall House season with new protocols in place.

Please read through the following sections carefully as this information affects all of our players.

For all information regarding the VYS Fall 2020 House League, and our COVID-19 Guidelines & Protocols, please reference our webpages below...

Key Dates


House League Format

Division Structure

  • U6 and U7 age groups will be paired up so they only play the same team for a two-week period. 

Example: Team ‘A’ will play Team ‘B for the first two weekends of the season

  • U8 and above divisions will be split into two mini-leagues to minimize the interaction between teams/players and coaches. VYS may incorporate a playoff system at the end of the season.

**Game scheduling will begin as soon as rosters are finalized


Practice Structure

All games and practices will be in certain time blocks. Practices will be in a one-hour block with a 15-minute gap in between each session. Game schedules will be released after teams have been formed. 

**Practice field scheduling will begin next week (8/17 - 8/21)



Per Fairfax County & Governor's approval, games are permitted this fall. As a result, Vienna Youth Soccer (VYS) will be moving forward with the fall House season with new protocols in place. The guidelines listed below are instilled for the safety of our players, parents, volunteers, and fellow community members. VYS will provide support from all of our staff, but we also ask that you do your part to ensure these guidelines are upheld. 

For the complete version of the VYS Return to Play Guidelines (including game day operations & practice session operations) please visit our webpage listed below

VYSA Return to Play Guidelines

Parent Responsibilities

  • Before training, check your child's temperature and refrain from participation if he or she has a fever (≥100.4 degrees F).
  • Parents can be on the sidelines (opposite of player benches) however VYS requests parents to wear facemasks while on the sidelines and must follow social distancing recommendations. 
  • If your child currently has any of the symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (click here); including coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath OR fever of 100 degrees, or sudden loss of taste or smell, the child can not participate in it soccer activities until cleared by a medical professional.
  • Ensure your child's equipment (cleats, ball, shin guards, etc.) are sanitized before and after every training.


Coaches Responsibilities

  • Ensure you have a mask. Lysol wipes should be used when applicable.
  • As players enter the training field - organize players immediately to maintain social distancing protocol.
  • Players/Coaches will not share any equipment including pennies during practices or games. 
  • The Coach is the only person to handle cones.
  • Ensure only players and coaches are on the field. 
  • No high fives, handshakes, team hugs with teammates, coaches, or opponents.


Player Responsibilities

  • All porta johns are currently being maintained by the county and not VYS. We recommend that players use the restroom prior to coming to the field.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after training.
  • Bring and use hand sanitizer at every training.
  •  Do not touch or share anyone else's equipment.
  • Practice social distancing, by placing your ball and water bottle aside your training space, keeping 10 ft from others. 
  • Players that are going to play in goal must bring an additional shirt and VYS requests that all goalkeepers bring their own gloves.


Complete Version of Return to Play Guidelines


House League Volunteers - We Need Your Help!


Becoming involved in the VYS House Program is a great way to go the extra mile in the community, and assist our aspiring soccer players. We are always seeking the help of enthusiastic community leaders, especially Coaches! All House Volunteers will receive a $35 benefit towards your child's registration. No prior soccer experience needed.

This season is unlike any we have ever seen, and the VYS is here to provide our full support. Our staff will provide session plan ideas, send detailed information and messaging, and be present at as many practice and game locations as possible.

Volunteers are the backbone of our House League, and we are grateful for the time, dedication, and personalization they do each season for our kids. Thank you to our fantastic House Volunteers and your commitment to A LIFETIME OF SOCCER!



Head Coach

Help ignite a lifetime love of soccer and create a team bond with our aspiring young players! Head Coaches are responsible for leading 1-2 practice sessions a week and 1 game each weekend (typically Saturday). No prior experience needed, VYS provides session plans, training, equipment, and a VYS shirt to all Head Coaches.

** VYS will be hosting a virtual Coaches Meeting on August 26th @ 7PM via zoom to provide crucial information on COVID-19 Guidelines + Protocol, socially distanced session plans, game day operations + field setup, etc. We will also answer any questions you may have at the time.


Assistant Coach

Everyone has busy schedules, and Coaching soccer is a big commitment. Having Assistant Coaches ready to lend a helping hand is vital to a great season! Assistants will be responsible for helping organize practices and games, and supporting our players. In addition, they may be asked to step in if a coach is sick or has an emergency. 


House Commissioner

Provide administrative and operational support to our VYS staff and fellow volunteers for the House season! House Commissioners assist with the building and assigning of teams, communicating directly with coaches and parents, team uniform ordering, and preparation for the House season. 



Please email questions@vys.org for all inquiries


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Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience.